NAD REVIVAL™ 6-month Health Package


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Charge your cells. Better health.

“Aging” is a continuous and accumulating process of depletion for all organisms, leading to slow metabolic rate, cellular damage and even loss of organ functions. One of the main reasons behind is the number and functionality of mitochondria decrease, where is the “energy production factory” in a cell.. All muscular activities need energy, which is turned from food nutrients in mitochondria. In short, the healthiness of mitochondria affects the amount of cellular energy produced directly.

NAD+ is scientifically proven to be an effective ingredient to facilitate the production of cellular energy in mitochondria and so slow down aging. S-CELL NAD REVIVAL™ is a proud product of professional medical technology, including the best patented ingredient - NADH, which can be directly absorbed as NAD+ without any transformation. Directly increase the NAD+ level in your body with faster absorption and better results.

Enemies against aging: NAD+ & NADH

From Cells to 4Q

The latest anti-aging formula - each capsule of NAD REVIVAL™ contains five patented ingredients. A significant breakthrough that starts to slow down aging from cellular level, resulting in overall improvement in 4Qs: AQ, HQ, BQ and EQ.

1. AQ (Antioxidizing quotient)

5 patented ingredients are all potent antioxidants, highly effective in resisting free radicals released during cellular energy production and protecting body cells.

2. HQ (Heart quotient) 

Patented ingredients Enzogenol® and Zanthin® help prevent lipid peroxidation and inflammation. Omega-3 in Zanthin ® may assist in normal blood sugar level and cardiovascular health.

3. BQ (Brain quotient)

Patented ingredients NADH, PQQ™ and SOD B® are proven to assist in protecting brain cells, increasing cognitive competence, and strengthening concentration and memory

4. EQ (Emotion quotient) 

Patented ingredients NADH helps produce Dopamine to relieve mental stress. Nucleotides and SOD B® help improve mental health and sleeping quality.

Nucleotides 60%




SOD B Extramel®


NAD REVIVAL™ is produced by various scientific results. Our professional experts carefully select raw materials from all over the world, and finally launch this all-round anti-aging product. NAD REVIVAL™ contains patented ingredients from 5 countries. The synergy effects are obviously superior to those existing in the market nowadays. NAD REVIVAL™ is truly a great project investment at all costs.

Made in the U.S.

  • People aged 45 or above

  • People with aging concerns

  • People with brain health concerns

  • People with cardiovascular health concerns

  • People with mental health concerns

  • People with low immunity

  • People with imbalanced diet

  • People with sleeping problems

  • 2 capsules per day with a glass of water in the morning before breakfast

  • 60 capsules per bottle, providing consumption for 30 days

S-CELL has anti-aging Silver and Platinum series, the former has a CELL REVIVAL™(Advanced Formula), the latter includes NAD REVIVAL™, the two functions are as follows, for different needs:

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