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SMART BRAIN is specially formulated from several premium-quality ingredients, and serves as a regular dietary supplement for those looking to keep up with a busy, day-to-day lifestyle. Whether it’s reinforced cognitive function, awareness, memory, and focus, Smart Brain is an excellent supplement for you. It also helps minimize fatigue and reduce stress, as well as improve concentration and overall learning & productivity levels. *This product is only suitable for aged 18 or above people.

Meticulous: From Raw Material to Packaging

SMART BRAIN consists of various natural plant extracts, including citicoline, choline, ginkgo biloba extract, lion mane extract, ashwagandha extract, and panax ginseng extract. SMART BRAIN is the first regular dietary supplement in Asia that includes both patent ingredients Cognizin®Citicoline and VitaCholine®. SMART BRAIN fulfills the full range of brain needs and comprehensively improves your brain’s overall performance, it meets the different needs of different ages. SMART BRAIN’s facility is located in the UK and guaranteed that the production process meets stringent standards so you can take it with peace of mind.

All-round Product, All-round Brain

SMART BRAIN consists of various premium-quality ingredients, each specially formulated to help support different brain functions, including memory recall, concentration, focus, and speed of thinking. This comprehensive list of benefits for the brain helps make it easier for you to carry out daily tasks, address problematic situations quickly, and retain important information. Compared to other products with only one or two key ingredients (e.g. fish oil), Smart Brain is made with more than 8 major ingredients, each complementing one another, as well as further enhancing the improvements they provide. Fish oil and similar items also have certain side effects that may cause more harm than good, including high blood sugar, diarrhea, and low blood pressure.

Take Care of Different Ages, Take Care of Different Needs

Packing multiple helpful effects, Smart Brain is an ideal supplement for addressing the needs of different individuals across a wide age range (over 18 years old). University students can take advantage of the enhanced memory and learning performance provided, assisting with maintaining ideal concentration levels and focus during complex experiments and comprehensive examinations. Busy professionals likewise use the improved brain functionality for taking care of numerous office tasks with ease. Meanwhile, the elderly benefits from the easy memory recall and retention, helping delay aging, and slowing down the mental decline brought about by old age.

First Asian Supplement Including Both Patent Ingredients: Cognizin®Citicoline & VitaCholine®

The inclusion of 2 branded ingredients, Cognizin® Citicoline and VitaCholine® , in Smart Brain’s compositions is a first in Asia. Cognizin Citicoline offers optimised brain activity through a 26% increase in membrane creation as well as a 13.6% increase in energy utilisation. VitaCholine meanwhile brings enhanced performance in verbal and visual memory tasks. Paired together with Gingko Biloba extract, the overall effectiveness is further enhanced to quickly deliver its useful effects for your brain during busy day-to-day routine.

Pure Natural Plant Extract, Take with Peace of Mind

A diverse list of naturally-derived plant extracts are included with each Smart Brain capsule, such as Lion’s Mane, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, and Ashwagandha extracts. Two key components, Iodine and Vitamin B12, are also naturally sourced. The iodine comes from Kelp, while the Vitamin B12 inside Smart Brain is derived from Methylcobalamin.

Stringent Standards, Made in the UK

Smart Brain satisfies the stringent requirements established by the EFSA and is manufactured to meet the highest GMP standards, ensuring its production consistently delivers a high-quality product. It’s also gluten-free, has no artificial colourings or flavourings, non-GMO, and features 100% veggie capsules.

Cognizin®Citicoline: A key nutrient that supports healthy cognitive function as well as sustain your brain cell’s membranes. Taking Citicoline boosts brain metabolism and enhances the production of acetyl-choline, positively affecting focus, attention, and motor speed by restoring added brain energy by up to 13.6% and providing up to a 26% increase in membrane turnover.

VitaCholine®: With Choline integrated in each capsule of SMART BRAIN, you will be provided with enhanced verbal and visual memory, providing an average neuropsychological increase of 0.60 and 0.66 per 1-unit increase in choline respectively. The presence of Choline in SMART BRAIN makes it a great choice for maintaining normal synaptic transmission, enhancing brain health, as well as improve fatty acid metabolism in the liver.

Lion’s Mane Extract (5:1): Modern science has uncovered its beneficial effect on healthy brain processes, memory, and nerve support, leading to improved focus and mental clarity. Lion’s Mane has been determined via numerous studies to stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein which promotes the development of nerve cells.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract (50:1): Ginkgo Biloba provides support for optimum circulation while also boosting memory recall and retention, especially addressing minor memory problems associated with aging. In addition, Ginkgo contains powerful antioxidants to handle free radicals in the body, as well as optimise blood circulation throughout.

Panax Ginseng Extract (10:1): Due to its invigorating, adaptogenic, and tonic properties, its significant use brought many modern scientists to analyse and study Panax Ginseng. It has been determined to contain hundreds of compounds, including ginsenosides, phenolics, and saccharides that contribute to its biological activity.

Ashwagandha Extract: Ashwagandha has typically featured for improving musculoskeletal function and overall health. Recent studies discovered that ashwagandha fights some of the oxidative damage caused by nervous tension. It also brings improvement in sleep, energy, and wellbeing; diminishes fatigue; and provides neuroprotection through its support of axons and dendrites regeneration.

Iodine: Kelp is a large leafy seaweed belonging to the brown algae family, and now serves as SMART BRAIN’s natural source of iodine, making it a great way of maintaining healthy thyroid function.

Vitamin B12: It has a key role in the creation of red blood cells and DNA, as well as with keeping your nervous system functioning at ideal levels.

Elderly: Maintain brain health and prevent memory loss.
Office workers: Relieve Stress, refreshing, more focused on work, more efficient.
Students*: Improve concentration, enhance memory and thinking ability, improve learning performance.
*This product is only suitable for aged 18 or above people.
  • 2 capsules per day with a glass of water in the morning before breakfast.
  • 60 capsules per bottle, providing consumption for 30 days.