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VISION REVIVAL takes care of all your eye needs. The patented ingredient Lutemax 2020 can effectively protect your macula lutea from the harmful blue light. VISIONAL REVIVAL also contains a lot of eye care ingredients such as bilberry, eyebright and grape seed extract to help improve different eye problems such as eye fatigue, bloodshot eyes, dry eyes, night blindness, etc., as well as preventing myopia, presbyopia and glaucoma.

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Protect Your Window of Soul

The macula lutea is located in the center of the retina and transmits images to the brain through the optic nerve. However, as the age increases, the macula lutea will gradually degenerate, resulting in impaired vision; and the blue light emitted by the screen of the smart device is also one of the culprits impairing the macula lutea. The patented ingredient of VISION REVIVAL is Lutemax 2020 naturally extracted from marigold flowers. Clinical evidence based research shows that Lutemax 2020 can effectively protect the macula lutea, filter the harmful blue light and protect your window of soul.

Being Thoughtful About All the Details for You

Only maintaining the macula lutea is far from having a pair of healthy eyes. In addition to vision problems, other problems can still occur such as eye fatigue, bloodshot eyes, dry eyes, night blindness, myopia, glaucoma, and so on. VISION REVIVAL contains anthocyanin-rich bilberry extract, which effectively eliminates eye fatigue and eye dryness. It also helps to improve night blindness problem and prevent other eye problems such as myopia, presbyopia and glaucoma. VISION REVIVAL also contains eyebright and grape seed extract, the former has anti-inflammatory effect and can effectively eliminate bloodshot eyes and edema, relieve eye tingling and dryness, as well as prevent excessive secretion of tears; the latter contains high concentration of anthocyanin, which improves eye microfilament circulation and makes your vision clearer. A bottle of VISION REVIVAL meets all your needs.

Meet the Needs of Your Whole Family

VISION REVIVAL can take care of people of different ages. Children's eyes are in the developmental stage, and lycopene, taurine and zinc in VISION REVIVAL can strengthen children's retina and visual nerve development; teenagers watch TV, play video game and use computer a lot, and those behaviors are easy to deepen myopia and increase the risk of eye diseases. VISION REVIVAL can effectively protect the macula lutea, filter harmful blue light, so that your eyes will not be prematurely senile; office workers often use computers or work outdoors, their eyes are easily damaged by the glare, resulting in dry eyes and bloodshot eyes. VISION REVIVAL can eliminate eye fatigue, so that you can concentrate on your work; the elderly have the debilitating body function, the aging eyes, and the blindness crisis brought by eye diseases, VISION REVIVAL provides rich lutein and zeaxanthin, which can reduce the risk of cataract and macular degeneration.

Produced in GMP Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Approved by FDA

VISION REVIVAL is produced and packaged by the US GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical manufacturer, the entire production process follows the GMP specification, including equipment, raw material storage, production process, packaging and transportation, personnel clothing, etc., to ensure quality and hygiene. The GMP is approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), you can take it with confidence.

Lutemax 2020: A naturally extracted marigold essence, provides sufficient Lutein and Zeaxanthin for your eyes. Scientific research shows that it helps protect the macula lutea, filters harmful blue light, and delays vision loss. Lutemax 2020 is a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved safe food (GRAS).

Bilberry Extract: Thanks to its richness in anthocyanin, it has 10 times antioxidant effect compared to blueberry. It effectively eliminates eye fatigue, relieve dryness, help improve night blindness, prevent myopia, presbyopia, glaucoma.

Eyebright Extract: Long used as herbal medicine in Europe, it’s typically used as a natural eye care remedy. With its anti-inflammatory ability, it effectively eliminates redness and edema of the eyes; relieves itching, dryness, and excessive secretion of tears.

Grape Seed Extract (95% Proanthocyanidins): With high concentration of anthocyanin, it strongly scavenges free radicals, helps clearer vision by improving eye microfilament vascular circulation.

Lycopene, Taurine, Zinc: Taurine and Zinc are important elements for the health of retina, optic nerve, and peripheral blood vessels. They are essential elements for promoting the healthy development of children's eyes and contribute to visual information transmission between eyes and brain. Together with lycopene, it helps to develop healthy vision and delays degeneration.
  • People with eye fatigue, dry eyes, bloodshot eyes and dark circles problem
  • People with myopia and presbyopia problem
  • People who regularly use computer and watch TV
  • People who regularly wear contact lenses
  • People with blurred vision
  • People with aging eyes and different blinding eye diseases
  • People who have had eye surgery
  • Night driving people

3 capsules per day, take together with food.